Product Deliver Time 5 to 6 days

"Varya" connotes treasure. Knowledge in art, music, literature & education are all considered as an asset/treasure in Indian cultural civilization. Unfortunately, the domination of alien forces destroyed our cultural and traditional values.... In this context, Varya, through its work is making a small contribution for reconstructing and retaining the lost glory of the past.

By exhibiting the extraordinary facets of Indian jewellery, Varya’s aim is to demonstrate the unique ‘Indian tradition’ on the world platform.

Specialized designs, soft and delicate carving, quality and variety are the hallmarks of Varya jewellery. It represents the unique Indian culture and reflects creativity, and thus we take immense pride in showcasing such unparalleled products.


Varya Speciality :

  • Jewellery Designing
    • Diamond
    • Gold
    • Silver
  • Exclusive Silver Gift Articles
  • Customised Gift Articles
  • Introducing New Concept of "Yoga Jewellery"
Reason for the confidence to contribute.....
  • Born in a value-laden and traditional Vishwakarma/Goldsmith family.
  • Specialized training in jewellery-designing.
  • Several years of experience in a multinational organisation as a jewellery merchant and has been awarded for "Commitment to the Business"
  •  An exceptional and particular interest in studying traditional jewellery and to bring out Indian tradition through the same.
  • Working as a Faculty in an Esteemed Designing Educational Institution.